Take me back to my old days

When growing up wasn’t a challenge

But, a gift

When being ignorant wasn’t a big deal

But, the opportunity to discover 

A different way of thinking

Take me back to those old days

When having a joyful life was purely based on having a nice meal

When mothers really cared for their little ones’ wellbeing 

I want the simplicity of being myself

When society does not tell me what to do

When I’m not held responsible for being reckless 

When it’s ok not to get all jokes…

Simplicity isn’t about renouncing what you’ve conquered through hard work

But, saving yourself from modern day corruption

Imposed by society.

You’re free to be simple

You’re obliged not to be ordinary

The decision you take today

Might not influence in your future tomorrow

You don’t decide your future

But, you can help a smoother arrival to it.

Simplicity isn’t a gift

But a choice.


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