Faded feelings

I once loved you so strongly

That a long distance seemed like a stone’s throw

I measured no difficulties

All I wanted was to be by your side

And part of your life

You caught me unprepared

Then, when I least expected, life brought me closer to your arms

How unfortunate for our love that was,  I must say!

Once what was pleasure, now has become a torment

The long torrid nights of love making

Have now turned icy cold

And almost unbearable to handle

Your voice was the sweetest lullaby I could ever hear

Now, silence seems to sound more appropriate

You misunderstand me

As an answer,

I silence myself in pain

What shall one say?

When everything I try to say gets misunderstood

And ends up misplaced where it shouldn’t have been

Love has turned into utopia

The good memories of our good times

Even the challenging moments

Have faded away

I no longer remember happiness

I no longer remember the sweet taste of your lips

I seem to have fallen into a deep and dark hole

My heart that once was fulfilled with your love

Is now hollow and unable to restablish itself.

What could I do to make things go back to basis?

What could I do to turn back time and allow us both to restart and reignite the love we once had and was once so beautiful?

I feel weak

I feel motionless

I fear my thoughts

I fear the future

Uncertainty has been the hardest consequence

Of our lack of complicity

A truthful feeling that was once so present

So beautiful 

So much envied

And appreciated

Has now faded away with time

And buried away with hurtful words…


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