Ageing is an irreversible process

It usually happens more mentally than physically

What some might consider young

Others will classify as old and unattractive


Ageing is a natural process in life

Or it should have been…

A process that is feared by some

But, long waited by others


Our modern times are twisting real-life values

What one once thought was innovative and would make the difference to the world

Now, it’s outdated and uninteresting

No longer worth sharing


Our actual society is devouring our days and years ruthlessly

Urging us to forget to enjoy the simplicity that is living day after day


Instead, new rules are imposed that defy our common values


Ageing should be done graciously

But, as the days go by faster

We fight to stay active

We long for more love

And we battle to stay relevant…

Then, somehow we forget the real meaning of life


Wrinkles are visible physical signs of ageing

They’ll appear at some stage in life

Man or woman

Everyone will have them one day

They are not a sign of defeat

But, a daily reminder from nature that ageing should be reconsidered

Not simply as an approach to death

But a recall that some things can still be lived or changed

That there is still time

Before your life candle finally lights out…



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