You wake up in the morning already feeling lost

You try to carry on your daily routine

As if nothing wrong is happening

You look around and you have no one to talk to

You have friends, but they’re not there

You have plans, but you can’t get yourself started

At times, it feels like you’re an old car

It takes a while until you get started

You try and try and nothing ever happens

Life loves playing up the “patience game” with you

Even if you told it several times that you don’t really like this game

You feel alone and isolated

Your inside is crying out for help

But, no one seems to listen

Because most people are only preoccupied with their own selves

Modern day society has been eating up the real sense of humanity and compassion in humans

You keep on trying and trying

You look for someone or something to hang on to

But, all you see is your own reflection in front of that mirror

Some call it anxiety, others depression

Science has been trying for decades to explain what happens with people like you

But, it seems more complex than it looks

It’s stronger than drugs

And feel-good phrases don’t seem to do their tricks

You might look normal

But, you’re cracked like an old Chinese vase

The clock on the wall that seemed to have stopped for a while

Has gone forward so fast that you’ve lost another day by just blinking thoughtfully for a minute or two

It’s evening again and you’re exhausted

Even if you haven’t done that much

It feels that you have worked more than an army of ants

You know you can do more, but something is stopping you

In fact, you’re exhausted of having to live the same day

Over and over again

Don’t give up

Keep trying

Even if this situation seems endless 

You’re building up your inner strength

To come out wiser and stronger

You just don’t know it yet

Be certain that

You’re not alone

There are others like us out there right now

Who are facing the same struggle and rejection

They are just too frightened to share what their feelings are

It might be because they’ve already been too hurt by others

But, it’s important that you keep on trying

To win over this phase

To finally find a way of reaching out to others

And help them

Like no one has ever helped you


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