Strong weakness

Don’t take me for granted

I am made out of steel.

I am strong and weak

I can be weak and yet strong

I can show strength 

When my inner self is falling apart

I can come across as weak

When deep inside I’ve never felt stronger

I’m ambiguous 

I can be incoherent

What might sound strange for some

It’ll make perfect sense to me

And the other way around…

Don’t try to understand me.

I’ve already given up trying to do so.

I just go with the flow

But, I like to keep an eye on the current

Too hard on myself, some might say

But, I call it wisdom

A man who’s not afraid of showing his weaknesses

Deserves respect for his honesty.

Weakness is a temporary state of mind

Strength is developed over time.

Once it’s been rooted in the mind

The tendency is to spread all over

And stay to fortify…


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