Life is made out of choices

These choices are sometimes made by you

Most times, the others choose for you

You just go with it


For the choices that we make

We must hang on to them

Not forever, but just long enough

To test our strength


One of the choices that we need to make at some point

Is to either stay mediocre or get out of our comfort zones

There is always a price to pay

The price is high

It sacrifices time and sometimes others’ lives


Regardless of your choice, you will be seen by some as brave

But, by most as selfish

Don’t worry! Carry on!

In this greedy world we live in

Everyone wants your happiness

Everyone wants your peace of mind

And the balance that lives within

If they don’t succeed

They want to eliminate you

They won’t see you as an ally

But, as a threat.


If you need to make a choice right now

Choose to find your own balance

Your place in the world

The real meaning for your existence.


We all have our times here

Choose wisely

Live longer…

Or live as long as you can keep on








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