It’s so difficult

To let yourself go

To allow your emotions to take over.

It’s really rare

To admit that you were the wrong one

Even if visibly and clearly

You were the victim.


Humans are losing their sense of being human.

Electronics are taking over

Making it easier to hide real feelings

And externalise emotions.


We are slowly becoming slaves of conviviality.

Challenges are easily more accepted over social media,

But hardly ever performed in real life

And immensely even more difficult to be overcome.

It does not take much of an effort

To call a loved one to say how much that person means to you…

However, yet the biggest challenge

It’s still to overcome pride

And personal beliefs.


Love eventually fades away and sleeps

Under tougher circumstances and love storms.


Real humans get tired and move on,

When the pain can no longer be supported,

When attitude hurts more than a dagger through a virgin heart.


Experience sometimes comes at a cost.

Only brave hearts can win.

Not by running away or even staying back to put up a fight,

But, by being immunised with the antidote produced by the tears of a broken heart.


Words are strong and can be lethal.

Effort needs to come before it’s too late.

Before the damage is done

Before the heart gets damaged…






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