At times…

I feel alone,

Even though I have you now by my side.

I feel unheard,

Even if you are there…


I feel that you are pretending

That you love, listen and care.


When I come home from hell every day

All I need is heaven.

All I need is enough love

That will help me forget the outside world

Just for a minute or two,

Maybe the whole night…


Instead, all I get from you is your cold shoulder.

I feel your jealousy

I feel your danger…


How did we get to this?

What have I done to you

To deserve your indifference?


I feel that everything we are living right now is just trivial.


I want to share my life and success with you,

Because I have been in a really bad situation before.

But I have succeeded and overcame several obstacles in life.


Why can I not have you in your entirety?

Am I asking for too much?


Life is beautiful and I want to live it with you…

Am I being controversial,

Because all I want from you is love and partnership?


I wish I could enter your mind and see what goes inside it

Are your thoughts sombre and painful?

Are you scared of what I would see?


We go days without speaking

For no apparent reason.

I feel sad and I cry inside…

It makes me wonder if liberty would be the best solution

To end the pain I feel right now…


I pretend not to care,

But, I am very bad at it.


So, all that is left to me is my mind.

A safe place where I can wonder, think, play and travel.


Because all my hidden feelings,

Are the results of my unheard thoughts.


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