Here I am

Alone in the living room

Many things have happened here:








I could give many adjectives to the moments I have lived here

Will I miss it?

Will I have these memories forever?

Questions and more questions…

Looking for answers at times, but too scared of asking destiny for them

Lots of changes have happened

Lots of people have come and gone

Some stayed for a while

Some others did not even give me the chance to understand

Why they came here in the first place

So, I enjoy the moment

The silence

The emptiness

The fear

… And most importantly

I fight my thoughts

Am I meant to be alone?

Am I supposed to move on

Just like that?

The truth is I don’t know

Maybe, I don’t want to know

Solitude is a strange feeling

We don’t seek for it

It happens to us…

Am I strong enough to support it?

I certainly don’t enjoy it

But again,

After the feeling is gone

and the moment is past

I will probably seek for it again…

Hopefully not here…


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