Uncertainty and the irrelevance of it

That feeling you have when everything seems so scary
When your heart starts racing
When your head spins
When your ideas get mixed up

You feel like giving up
You feel like running away and accepting defeat

Why would you agree to do such a thing?
Why would you not fight over your fears?

Perhaps, it’s because you do not see enough consideration from the person you’ve been dedicating your time and efforts to give happiness and pleasure.

Or even, because a lot is said, but very little is proved to you when life tests your feelings…

It then becomes very difficult to find yourself…
It becomes almost impossible to establish who you are…
It feels like a biggest challenge going back to your roots and beliefs…

When you’re drunk from all the feelings you had
When the smoke from all the worries prevent you from seeing ahead…

What can you do?
How can you fight?
When will it end?

All you can do for now is
To feel contempt to take life as it’s been thrown at you
And hope for the best…


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