When I met you
I thought everything was new to you

I thought that you were a recently made butterfly
Who left the old stage of being a caterpillar and was blossoming to life

I accepted your conditions and your fragility…

As the time passes and I slowly begin to know you better
I sense that all that innocence and naiveness that existed in your eyes were not so genuine as it once looked

I suddenly sense a great deal of experience and expertise coming through you
Towards me and playing against me and my feelings

Then I stumble on my old thoughts and I fear…

Will I still love you,
When I get to know the real you?

Will I still want to build a future with you
And live by your side,
When I finally get to enter through that door where all your dark secrets are well hidden behind?

I fear this day
I fear for the real truth…

What has been said or demonstrated so far in various occasions has already caused pain and some doubt

I pray, I shall be ready
Because so far, I aim to accept the real you
And I am eager to still love you and carry on with you, even if it hurts…

…Even if what I might be building up in my head
Is just a house of cards
That can be blown away easily…

…Even if there isn’t a real storm coming…

The uncertainty of the moment resumes in fear,
But I shall not give in.

Because, when you love
You’re willing to fight your own fears
And overcome any obstacles along the way

Even if you’re the one who gets hurt in the end…

Then you realise that that won’t be the end,
But just the beginning
Of a strong and brand new you.


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