Why do you lie to others?
Why would you want to spend your life making the mistake that could have been avoided,
If you were honest to yourself on the first place?

Why do you want so badly to make the others so happy,
When what really matters in life, most times, is your own happiness?

Once, I was told that you can only love another person
When you are fully in love with yourself.

Humans are complicated species
We love to turn very simple things
Into a great ordeal

No one really cares if you are honest to them
When they see deep down in your eyes
That you are not being honest to yourself

Learn to accept defeat
Pick up the broken pieces
And move on
With life

Even if it means that someone will get hurt
In the long run,
Our happiness is what counts the most

But, it’s only in our hands
Where the answers to a great future
And the secret to a decent life
Lies the path that needs to be discovered and explored further
The great path that will lead us to
Great happiness

Decisions are never easy
But, they are part of life
They are necessary
To allow us to improve
The great humans that exist
Within us…


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