Hoping for the best…

I don’t need to close my eyes

To see your face

I don’t need to listen to a song

To feel your presence

I don’t need to smell my clothes that you wore

To sense the smell of your perfume

You are here

Not in person

Not in spirit

I cannot explain

But, I feel your presence

I see your eyes

I see your beautiful face

I see your enchanting smile

I know you are here

I know we are meant for each other

I shall wait

I want to wait

For a dream to come true

For this long absence

To be over

For us finally to be reunited

Until this day

I will remain positive

I will remain being myself

I will try the best I can

Not to lose my faith

Not to look back

Not to regret my sacrifice

My efforts

I just want to be with you

At least

One last time…


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