A goodbye letter from an unconditional lover of love

I was born to love

I was made to love

The human race, the nature, the unknown

Love is unconditional

Love does not ask for anything in return

It just happens

When you love,

You do, you just do


Sometimes, I when I am lucky

I am loved back

Sometimes, when I am meant to love back

I am unconditionally distracted

Trying to heal the scars from my previous love experiences

But I never wait,

Because, love never waits either

When you are born to love

You live for love


Love becomes the air you breathe

You search

You give up

You search again

For love…

Then you love

You might be loved

You might love unconditionally

Without being loved…

Because love

Sits back and enjoys the game

Love never gets hurt

Just whoever is born to love

To live for love…


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