My heart goes down

As the Sun comes up

I try to sleep, but my heart is awake

It is restless

My thoughts are running around the room in circles

I hear nothing but noises

The nuisance of my thoughts

And the anxious heartbeats

There is no light in the room

But the day outside is already waiting for me

I better get ready for life,

But the tiredness has taken over me

Feelings won’t just go away

Without putting up a fight

It is so dense

So intense

I guess it’s a fair fight

Life trying to pull me through

But, these vicious feelings

Are trying to perish

Should they give up?

or should I give up?

Life is stronger

The Sun is warmer

The day calls me

I better get ready and put aside all demons

That come to torment at night

Let this love battle wait

Until the night…


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