Mourning those long and delightful days

Now gone…

When I had to worry about almost nothing

When life seemed so simple and monotonous

When love was the biggest dream

When studying was my biggest challenge…

Old sweet days

Long lived

Forever gone…

I had no time to cherish every minute of my youth

I did not know that time was taking it away from me

Day after day


Forever gone…

Time was cruel

Time did not wait,

When I least expected

Those eye patches preventing me from seeing reality

Had dropped and everything was so clear.

Cheat, deceiving circumstances, hatred

All that long distant future

Were right there

In front of my eyes…

What now?

When the surprise no longer surprises

The unknown

Once known

No longer gives me the thrills.

I wish I could turn back time

Reclaim from time my innocence back

It was taken away from me

Without my prior consent

Now gone

Forever gone


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