Funny to know…

Funny to know…

Easy to show…

My obsession started when my world fell apart

That night, those drinks

You on your illegals

And I just had wine

You promised you wouldn’t do that again

But, your attitude showed otherwise

I was lonely, left aside

A room full of hopefuls

And me, just me and myself

My wine, my pride

Hurt, I was

How could I not be?

Me and my double life

You and your friends

Me and my obsession 

Boy,  how could you treat me so well?…

Then later, break my heart?

That night…

The last night I saw you

Your lips, I could not even touch

The wounds of previous random pleasure,

Stamped all over it

Funny to know

Not so easy to hide

Since that night,

A hair won’t be just a hair 

Wherever I look

Whoever I talk to

I’ll see your eyes

My repressed desire 

My tears, my fears

The obsession that haunts me

Hair, just hair…


Funny to know

Easy to show

How quickly you walked away

Leaving my lips, desiring your lips

Love, no! Just obsession

Now, why didn’t you do my hair and pleased me?

Too late, it was all my fault



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